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We started Faithful Dog K-9 Training over 5 years ago and our mission has never changed: take care of our clients pets as if they're our own.  That's why we wanted to offer a variety of options for every dog lovers needs.  We offer boarding, day Care, training, rescue, rehab and adoption sevices!  To us that means providing world class training and advice.  Whether it's a five minute phone call, or thirty day board and train, you will always get our best.  We insure daily structured walks, play time, and training specific to each dogs needs.  This is to make sure that they're not just getting love, but they're also getting some of those boundaries set to become a well adjusted dog. 

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     Alicia Bloomfield is part owner and the lead behaviorist/certified trainer for Faithful Dog K9 Training. Her passion for animals began the day she was born. At just 10 years old she began showing and training horses that no one else wanted or could control. She transitioned that same passion into the K9 world as well embracing her natural abilities and continued to educate herself on all training techniques and applying them with her own training style. She obtained her training certification from the Animal Behavior College. Additionally she has also been trained by, and with the best Dog Behaviorists in the business; Cesar Millan, Cheri Lucas, and Brian Agnew as well as continuing her education on the most up to date training techniques and advancements in dog psychology.  She trained dogs throughout San Diego, CA for the past 5 years working not only with individual clients, but with local rescues in rehabbing their most severe cases.  This allowed the rescues to make previously unadoptable dogs available to find their forever homes.  She trains people to bring out the best in their dogs helping them understand dog behavior and the best way to correct that unwanted behavior. She has a wide variety of clients, from first dog owners to those who want specialized training.

     She has been called gifted, amazing, hardworking, focused, flexible, dedicated, “down-to-earth", and a life-saver by those in the rescue community who are in awe of her amazing talent to transform dogs. Alicia volunteers to help train unwanted dogs in shelters to become balanced, well-behaved family members. She provides training to volunteers with techniques they can use to assist those dogs. The amount of support she provides to the future owner is incredible.

     Alicia has a natural ability to communicate with dogs and they respond to her directions instantly. She maintains that all dogs need a calm assertive leader to achieve a well-behaved, balanced dog. Problem behavior requires the owners to be consistent with their dogs. Alicia quickly assesses the problem and begins correcting the behavior. She makes it easy and understandable for owners and family members to learn techniques. She designs a simple but unique training program based on the needs of the dog, because every dog and family are different. You will be provided several strategies to achieve the obedient, balanced dog you desire.

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