Private Lessons for Foundation Session – A solid Foundation is the basis for a great working relationship with your dog.  Establishing the proper structure in your pack, learning how to properly set the rules, boundaries, limitations in your pack, and how to be a proper pack leader.  Taught at our Kennel.

Private Lessons for Basic Obedience - Obedience helps your dog see you as the leader, also giving them the mental stimulation dogs require.  A good recall could even save your dog's life.  Commands Learned - Sit, Stay, Down, Come, and walking on leash.

Private Lessons for Advanced Obedience - For those who have mastered basic obedience and would like to continue to challenge their dog.  Sessions are at kennel. 

Private Lessons for Behavioral Modifications - Dogs that are exhibiting problem behaviors such as dog or people aggression, digging, fear, unruly house behavior, separation anxiety and all other unwanted behaviors.  Are carried out at our boarding facility.

Puppy Boot Camp Board and Train - Puppies 2-6 months - Teaches your puppy all basic obedience commands, all appropriate dog behaviors, covers any behavioral issues such as potty training, crate training and chewing.  


Private Puppy Foundation Session – Puppies starting at 16 weeks (or utd on shots).  Start you puppy off on the right foot.  All inclusive session covering all the basics of puppyhood.  Learning how to set rules, boundaries and limitations for your new addition, crate training, potty training and basic obedience.  2hr session.


Boarding & Training – Services from severe behavioral modification, and complete rehab program to address aggression, anxiety and fear issues or advanced obedience to off leash work.  Dogs are housed on site at Faithful Dog K9 Training kennel facility.   Length based on the severity of the behavior of the dog.  Free consultation provided to determine length.

Kennel – Overnight boarding or long term -  We can satisfy all requests.   Multiple dog discount, dogs must be evaluated and utd on shots.  Dogs are in a cage free environment in a pack type situation during the day and kenneled during evening.  Under socialized dogs, and dog aggressive dogs will be permitted on a case by case basis, at an increased rate.  Boarding is structured with implementing rules, boundaries, and limitations. 

Doggie Day Care – Daytime daycare from 7am – 5pm, after 5pm dogs will be considered full day boarding. Dogs enjoy a cage free environment in a pack type situation with access to and indoor and outdoor facility. 

Group Clinicals, Classes and Workshops – Schedules of programs can be obtained by contacting us.  Offering Local rescues and dog organization Rescue Rehab workshops to learn how to evaluate and deal with difficult dogs or specialized training classes tailored to those organization’s needs.  We also provide an adoption service for qualify rescue organizations.